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Hiring A Capital Murder Defense Attorney

Criminal offenses normally differ in nature and degree. All drug offenses are not the same as the quantity and type of drug a person is found in possession of will affect the sentence they will get. Similarly, murder cases differ greatly. Killing someone with your car as a result of driving while under the influence is considered a felony, which comes with a prison sentence of several years. Murder can also be premeditated or planned, in which case, you might be eligible for a capital punishment. If you have been accused of killing someone intentionally, it is important you hire a capital murder defense attorney to represent you because you do not want to get electrocuted, or a lethal injection.

Hiring a Defense Lawyer

Below are some of the things you should consider when looking for a defense lawyer:judge-gavel-1461965469C9E

i) Reputation

The only credible information about an attorney that you can get is from reviews and testimonials. By checking the reputation of a lawyer, you can easily learn about the quality of service they offer as well as what to expect. A Maryland personal injury lawyer who is known to put forth potent arguments in favor of their client should be given priority consideration.

ii) Track Record/Success Rate

The track record of a lawyer should be checked. This is because you want to win the case. Therefore, you should give priority consideration to lawyers who have won most, if not all, the criminal cases they have handled in the past. This will improve your chances of winning.

iii) Legal Fees

The rate charged by the attorneys on your shortlist should be compared to ensure you find the most affordable legal representative. While your freedom may be much more valuable than your money, you should look for an attorney whose services you can afford. This is important because you do not want to run out of money in the middle of the case.

iv) Experience

The number of years a lawyer has been in the industry should be checked. This is because you want to enjoy the benefit of having the most experienced attorney on your side.

Lawyer Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

All auto accidents are different in terms of the number and types of vehicles involved in the incident as well as the types of liabilities that may arise. The most common types of liabilities arising from an accident include; physical injuries, property damage, and fatalities. When small vehicles, such as cars and trucks are involved, these liabilities may not be very serious. If a heavy commercial vehicle is involved,

Kansas rescue crews and Maj. Randy McBay worked more than eight hours Dec. 22 to save lives and clean-up during a fatal accident that occurred in a snow blizzard near Topeka, Kan. (U.S. Air Force photo/Maj. Randy McBay)

however, the extent of the damages caused as well as the severity of injuries sustained can be unimaginable. If you are ever involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, it is important you hire a Houston 18 wheeler accident lawyer to help you out.

Laws Unique to 18 Wheeler Vehicles

An 18-wheeler is a heavy commercial vehicle that carries heavy loads. According to Federal Law, these vehicles must not carry loads exceeding 80,000lbs. The cabin of an 18-wheeler weighs around 23,000lbs. When you take this into consideration, you will realize that a typical loaded 18-wheeler weighs well-over 100,000lbs. If this type of vehicle rams into a small car weighing 2,500lbs, the impact can be devastating. That is why every 18-wheeler is required to have a GPS as well as a black box. Th GPS device can help to determine the location of the truck at any given point in time. The device also tracks and records the speed with which the vehicle is moving. The black box on the other hand, is a device that is triggered to start recording when an unusual behavior is recorded. For instance, if the driver of the 18-wheeler slams on the brake pedal fast, the black box will start recording. Any changes in speed, gear changes and sudden acceleration are all recording together with time stamps. This makes it easier for investigators to reconstruct an accident and identify what caused the accident as well as who was at fault. This makes insurance settlements easier and faster.

Hiring an 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Ideally, you should hire the most reputable accident lawyer who has handled many cases involving 18-wheeler accidents. The lawyer should charge a competitive rate and have an impressive track record of winning cases. Since it is easy to determine who was at fault, you can be assured of quick conclusion of your case. Be sure to check the amount of experience an attorney has before hiring them. In many cases, these attorneys work on a contingency basis, so you will only pay them after winning the case.

Miami Judge Rules That Update To Florida Stand Your Ground Law Is Unconstitutional

Miami_Beach,_FL_-_panoramioRecently, a Miami judge ruled that an update to the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law in Florida was unconstitutional. The update to the law, which helped George Zimmerman stay out of jail, was ruled unconstitutional on Monday.

The Miami judge ruled that the new “Stand Your Ground” law should have been devised by the Florida Supreme Court and not via the Legislature.

In the legal matter, Judge Milton Hirsch wrote in his ruling that the procedure can’t be legislatively modified. He said this was a matter of constitutional separation of powers.

In 2015, it was established by the Florida Supreme Court that defendants had to prove why Stand Your Ground should cover them. This is a law that waived citizens’ duty to retreat before they resorted to deadly force if they were faced with a threat. Stand Your Ground became law in 2005.

The update to the law placed the burden on the state attorneys to provide evidence that the defendant wasn’t defending themselves, before the defendant went to trial in front of a jury.

The recent ruling is considered a win for prosecutors. Many prosecutors were frustrated because the thought the update to the law would allow defendants to skirt violent criminal charges. For example, more and more defendants may have used the Stand Your Ground defense, even if they weren’t facing a direct threat.

However, it’s worth mention that as of now the order isn’t binding. It still could be revered by Florida’s Supreme Court. Pam Bondi, the state’s Attorney General does plan on appealing the order, according to her spokeswoman who spoke with the Associated Press.

The update to the Stand Your Ground law was signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott. He signed it into law last month. The drawing also caught the attention of the National Rifle Association, which praised the update.

The NRA spoke out about the legal matter. Marion Hammer, a Florida NRA lobbyist, spoke in the past about the law. He said back in 2008, a few sympathetic judges and prosecutors found a way to usurp the Stand Your Ground law. The way they did it, according to Hammer, was to hold a special hearing and then reversing the burden of proof of one’s innocence and placing it on those who use self-defense. Hammer continued and said that this was wrong and it was fixed when the legislature went back to it.

The debate over Stand Your Ground has raged on for over four years, ever since George Zimmerman walked free after fatally shooting a teenager in 2012. The teen, Trayvon Martin, was unarmed. Zimmerman approached Martin after spotting him in a neighborhood and Zimmerman claimed that Martin was up to no good, which is why he approached him.

Zimmerman went on trial in 2013, but a jury acquitted him of second-degree murder. The jury was asked to take the law into account, and Zimmerman used the Stand Your Ground defense. His lawyers accused Martin of posing a threat to Zimmerman, which is why he fatally shot him.

How To Know If You Need To Hire An Attorney For Yourself?

sdfdThe type of traumatic brain injury lawyer that you get when hurt is totally dependent on if you have a valid need for one or not such. However, do know this, that before you go looking to get a legal representative to help you. You do need to know just what you do require them for specifically. Because, the truth is this, there are many legal issues which do need the experienced hand of a lawyer to take care of them. How to know you need to hire an attorney for yourself? Please read on.

There are lots of reasons to consider hiring a lawyer. It could be that you suffered an injury in a car accident or while on the job. It could also be that you got stopped by a patrol car for driving under the influence. On the other hand, you may be looking to get a divorce, or thinking about writing up a will to be prepared for the future. Some of the other reasons to have the attention of any attorney could be due to you opening a new business or being wrongfully terminated at work. However, no matter what the problem is, you should determine what type of lawyer you do need to have based on your current situation. In addition to, some of the issues listed here, as to why someone may need to seek an attorney for themselves. There is also lots more common situations. These situations can be all about life in description. What this translates to, is one thing, and that is that they can almost be just about any type of conflict under the sun that needs addressing by the assistance of a law professional.

The best way to know why you require the services of an expert in the field of law is apparent. You are experiencing some form of issue that you can’t handle on your own. It will usually be an issue that does need professional advice at once. With this said, after determining why you must get an attorney, you should then make sure that you are looking for the right type of attorney. For instance, if you have been in an auto accident, you should only seek out a personal injury lawyer.

When you do find just the right attorney, he or she will give you a free consultation usually, and they can then assess your situation. He or she will then tell you personally if your situation does warrant immediate action or not. If it is worth your while to take action, you will get a definite answer, as to if the attorney will then pursue action on your behalf or not. A good many of the issues highlighted here are ones that do qualify for the experienced help of a lawyer. However, do take note, if you are involved in an issue that is minor in nature. You may be able to do self representation. Self representation is when you represent yourself as defense in a specific matter.

Colorado Parental Leave is No More

Parental leave and parental rights are always a question that comes up when you’re looking at worker’s rights. That being said, according to the best family law lawyer in the region, Colorado had a law in place since 2009 that basically stated that parents were allowed to take off for various children’s activities – for example, if they had a sports event, if there was a concert, and even if there was an issue at school that they had to deal with (visiting the guidance counselor, etc.). This law was going to be in place from 2010 to 2015, when they would have to vote in order to determine whether or not to keep the law in place.

They decided not to do so, and with that, workplaces were no longer required to give people time off for their children, especially if they had more than 50 employees (those with less than 50 have different requirements that they fall under). All that being said, the law didn’t get renewed and there are a lot of people out there talking about why this is a problem.

The fact that it wasn’t renewed wasn’t a surprise to anyone, especially with the current political climate of the state. And, thankfully, there are a few companies of the size mentioned above that actually kept that flexibility in place, but it is a bit more restricted than it had been under the law. But, the majority of companies did not, which means that these parents have to get used to the way the new setup will be now – which is just like it used to be before the law came into place.

All that being said, why is this a problem that deserves to be talked about by the media and other people who may be involved in the political process? One of the main reasons is because those laws were in place to help encourage parents to get more involved with their children’s’ education and to stay involved, even as they grew older and became more independent.

So, is this a huge problem? Should Colorado consider adding this back in, or should they try to go about it in a different way? It’s an important question to ask and explore, and it will be interesting to see if other states try to do the same thing to help encourage parental and family care a little more than we have been in recent years.

California – Closing the Gender Wage Gap Even Further

Something that is often talked about by economists, equal rights advocates, and any number of other people is how far the gender wage gap has gotten in the past few years or so. The country has worked hard to try and make the gender wage gap less than it was, and even though progress had been made as time went on, that didn’t mean that the problem was completely dealt with. On the contrary, the issue started to be neglected – women still only make about 78 to 80 cents per dollar that a man makes.

Gender Wage GapSo, instead, states are trying to do what they can in order to try and make that gender wage gap closer than it has ever been. And, as usually happens when it comes to these sorts of ideals, California is leading the way by making sure that their latest wage laws are among the strictest out there, making it so that there can be little to no difference between the wages that a man makes and a woman makes for the same exact job.

many accident lawyers in Houston had the following to comment similar to this: “the gender wage gap has been an issue since the original days of suffrage but I’m glad our society is more open to discussing it and ways to remedy it.”

One of the biggest things that was on the equal pay docket was that California wanted to fight against the way that things go when it comes to discussing wages with other people at work (or even not at work). Even though it’s legal for people to talk about their wages with each other, many companies would get angry and even discipline those who talked about how much money that they were making. Why was this a big deal? Because many people don’t realize that there is income inequality because they don’t feel like they are allowed to talk about how much they make in the first place.

Will this help? There are so many provisions in this law that it could make a huge difference in how people deal with wages and how different things are being talked about and dealt with. With more open and equal workplaces, it becomes a lot easier to make sure that everyone is being treated the way that they deserve to be treated. Will other states follow suit and try to do the same thing? That’s the big question that a lot of people are asking and will be watching out for as this law continues to move forward and change the way that California works.

China Cybersecurity Grip Gets Stronger

One of the biggest issues that many people have when it comes to taking care of business throughout the world is that China is often difficult to try and work with. The country is a lot more restricted than many of the others that are out there, and on top of that, they make it hard for those living in the country to find out about what is going on outside of it. That being said, the cybersecurity issues in China just continue to get worse, and it may hurt the global economy and planet earth doesn’t have an attorney for slip and fall injuries for the ensuing catastrophe that could come.

CybersecurityIf you remember, back in June there was a cybersecurity hack that ended up compromising thousands of files on various government officials and those related to the government in some way, shape, or form. Even though the United States government and other officials were able to trace it back to China, they never figured out if the government was involved at all or if it would condone those who had done the deed. Neither of those things ever happened, so the assumption is still out there that China did it and the government was behind what happened.

All that being said, there are currently laws that are coming down the pipe in China that will further the grip that the government already has on what their people are allowed to actually go ahead and see. The biggest problem that comes up with this is that the only things that they will be allowed to see are from China itself, meaning that only Chinese manufacturers and products will be found online by the Chinese people. This is huge – since China is a such a big country and they’re a big economy driver, the lack of access to global goods is going to hurt China and hurt the global economy as a whole because of how restricted it will all be.

What do you think about what China is doing? Do you think they are doing it based on the sanctions that will likely be passed by the other countries that were affected by the hacks? Or do you think that there is another reason that they are getting so much stricter with their cybersecurity laws? And, on top of that, do you think that it will be a large problem for the global economy to try and have to deal with, or will it recover quickly?

Could Legalized Marijuana Help Ohio Financially?

When states are trying to figure out the costs and benefits of what is going on with a particular law, they will often try to figure out whether or not the financial benefits will be big enough to make a difference in what they’re doing and if it would not eventually constitute a civil rights violation. That being said, there are a lot of things that are being legalized all over the country, namely marijuana, that actually make the governments pause and try to figure out the best course of action.

We’ve seen the economic boosts in other states – namely, Colorado, especially when it comes to looking at how much more in taxes can be used to help keep other important areas of government running. The taxes from the sale of marijuana have been nothing but beneficial for those state governments, and it’s no wonder that other states are looking to follow suit as well.

Marijuana OhioOne of the most recent states to start looking at this debate is Ohio. Ohio is known for being a swing state when it comes to elections, so the reactions to possibly using pot as another form of tax income are mixed. There have been a lot of different estimates put out there about how much money it could end up making the government, and those numbers range anywhere from $1 billion to $2.5 billion, and even more.

Now, Ohio’s law would be a bit different, mainly because it would be “limited grow,” which we have no current example of. Basically, only certain people would be permitted to grow pot so that it could be distributed, and those places would be highly regulated as to keep those who may use it as safe as possible. So, the numbers may be different than what we’re seeing here. All that being said, there is proof that regulated marijuana prices are going down as time goes on, and more people are going to go for the safer, regulated stuff because the prices are comparable. Also the Ohio criminal law sector will become a lot less busy than say a Philadelphia criminal lawyer for example where the herb is not yet taxed and regulated.

So, what do you think this will say for the future of marijuana legalization? Do you think that Ohio is going to be the next state on the list, or do you think it will take a while and other states will get it passed first? Will other states try to go like Ohio did, with limited grow rules that make it more difficult for people to get harmed by using marijuana? There are a lot of questions, and answers are still yet to come.

North Dakota and Police Drone Use

Police DronesDrones are currently one of the most debated topics out there, because more and more people are getting interested in them and organizations are getting interested in the technologies that can be taken care of with these devices. The most prominent example was Amazon’s use of drone technology (which is still being developed), but now law enforcement is getting in on how they can start to use it as well.

North Dakota, however, has decided that they don’t want the police force to be able to use these drones for whatever it is they want to do with them. The law, in short, shows that police can use drones, but they have to use them within the parameters that are set for them by the law. Surveillance, for example, has to have a warrant associated with it. This makes a lot of sense, because it’s no different than sending your people out there to do the same thing.

One of the most interesting statements on the law has to do with the use of lethal weapons. The law states that you cannot use lethal weapons on a drone. So, of course, that brings up a point – are they allowed to use non-lethal weapons on those same drones? With the way that the law is currently worded, the assumption is yes. So, in North Dakota, you could end up seeing drones that have pepper spray and tear gas in order to try and deal with a crowd or a protest. Some people are nervous about this, because it means that a nonhuman is being utilized in order to get people “under control;” others claim that it will help to keep police safer in case there is an incident like a riot.

The law is definitely at the forefront when it comes to police drone use, and many states will probably look to these laws in order to try and figure out whether or not they want to make the same sort of laws applicable to those that are working with these machines.

What do you think about drone use by law enforcement? Do you believe that this is a good way to go about how those things should be used? Should they be used in any legal context? Let us know your thoughts and give us ideas of the laws that you would write related to this issue.