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California – Closing the Gender Wage Gap Even Further

Something that is often talked about by economists, equal rights advocates, and any number of other people is how far the gender wage gap has gotten in the past few years or so. The country has worked hard to try and make the gender wage gap less than it was, and even though progress had been made as time went on, that didn’t mean that the problem was completely dealt with. On the contrary, the issue started to be neglected – women still only make about 78 to 80 cents per dollar that a man makes.

Gender Wage GapSo, instead, states are trying to do what they can in order to try and make that gender wage gap closer than it has ever been. And, as usually happens when it comes to these sorts of ideals, California is leading the way by making sure that their latest wage laws are among the strictest out there, making it so that there can be little to no difference between the wages that a man makes and a woman makes for the same exact job.

many accident lawyers in Houston had the following to comment similar to this: “the gender wage gap has been an issue since the original days of suffrage but I’m glad our society is more open to discussing it and ways to remedy it.”

One of the biggest things that was on the equal pay docket was that California wanted to fight against the way that things go when it comes to discussing wages with other people at work (or even not at work). Even though it’s legal for people to talk about their wages with each other, many companies would get angry and even discipline those who talked about how much money that they were making. Why was this a big deal? Because many people don’t realize that there is income inequality because they don’t feel like they are allowed to talk about how much they make in the first place.

Will this help? There are so many provisions in this law that it could make a huge difference in how people deal with wages and how different things are being talked about and dealt with. With more open and equal workplaces, it becomes a lot easier to make sure that everyone is being treated the way that they deserve to be treated. Will other states follow suit and try to do the same thing? That’s the big question that a lot of people are asking and will be watching out for as this law continues to move forward and change the way that California works.