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China Cybersecurity Grip Gets Stronger

One of the biggest issues that many people have when it comes to taking care of business throughout the world is that China is often difficult to try and work with. The country is a lot more restricted than many of the others that are out there, and on top of that, they make it hard for those living in the country to find out about what is going on outside of it. That being said, the cybersecurity issues in China just continue to get worse, and it may hurt the global economy and planet earth doesn’t have an attorney for slip and fall injuries for the ensuing catastrophe that could come.

CybersecurityIf you remember, back in June there was a cybersecurity hack that ended up compromising thousands of files on various government officials and those related to the government in some way, shape, or form. Even though the United States government and other officials were able to trace it back to China, they never figured out if the government was involved at all or if it would condone those who had done the deed. Neither of those things ever happened, so the assumption is still out there that China did it and the government was behind what happened.

All that being said, there are currently laws that are coming down the pipe in China that will further the grip that the government already has on what their people are allowed to actually go ahead and see. The biggest problem that comes up with this is that the only things that they will be allowed to see are from China itself, meaning that only Chinese manufacturers and products will be found online by the Chinese people. This is huge – since China is a such a big country and they’re a big economy driver, the lack of access to global goods is going to hurt China and hurt the global economy as a whole because of how restricted it will all be.

What do you think about what China is doing? Do you think they are doing it based on the sanctions that will likely be passed by the other countries that were affected by the hacks? Or do you think that there is another reason that they are getting so much stricter with their cybersecurity laws? And, on top of that, do you think that it will be a large problem for the global economy to try and have to deal with, or will it recover quickly?