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Colorado Parental Leave is No More

Parental leave and parental rights are always a question that comes up when you’re looking at worker’s rights. That being said, according to the best family law lawyer in the region, Colorado had a law in place since 2009 that basically stated that parents were allowed to take off for various children’s activities – for example, if they had a sports event, if there was a concert, and even if there was an issue at school that they had to deal with (visiting the guidance counselor, etc.). This law was going to be in place from 2010 to 2015, when they would have to vote in order to determine whether or not to keep the law in place.

They decided not to do so, and with that, workplaces were no longer required to give people time off for their children, especially if they had more than 50 employees (those with less than 50 have different requirements that they fall under). All that being said, the law didn’t get renewed and there are a lot of people out there talking about why this is a problem.

The fact that it wasn’t renewed wasn’t a surprise to anyone, especially with the current political climate of the state. And, thankfully, there are a few companies of the size mentioned above that actually kept that flexibility in place, but it is a bit more restricted than it had been under the law. But, the majority of companies did not, which means that these parents have to get used to the way the new setup will be now – which is just like it used to be before the law came into place.

All that being said, why is this a problem that deserves to be talked about by the media and other people who may be involved in the political process? One of the main reasons is because those laws were in place to help encourage parents to get more involved with their children’s’ education and to stay involved, even as they grew older and became more independent.

So, is this a huge problem? Should Colorado consider adding this back in, or should they try to go about it in a different way? It’s an important question to ask and explore, and it will be interesting to see if other states try to do the same thing to help encourage parental and family care a little more than we have been in recent years.