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Lawyer Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

All auto accidents are different in terms of the number and types of vehicles involved in the incident as well as the types of liabilities that may arise. The most common types of liabilities arising from an accident include; physical injuries, property damage, and fatalities. When small vehicles, such as cars and trucks are involved, these liabilities may not be very serious. If a heavy commercial vehicle is involved,

Kansas rescue crews and Maj. Randy McBay worked more than eight hours Dec. 22 to save lives and clean-up during a fatal accident that occurred in a snow blizzard near Topeka, Kan. (U.S. Air Force photo/Maj. Randy McBay)

however, the extent of the damages caused as well as the severity of injuries sustained can be unimaginable. If you are ever involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, it is important you hire a Houston 18 wheeler accident lawyer to help you out.

Laws Unique to 18 Wheeler Vehicles

An 18-wheeler is a heavy commercial vehicle that carries heavy loads. According to Federal Law, these vehicles must not carry loads exceeding 80,000lbs. The cabin of an 18-wheeler weighs around 23,000lbs. When you take this into consideration, you will realize that a typical loaded 18-wheeler weighs well-over 100,000lbs. If this type of vehicle rams into a small car weighing 2,500lbs, the impact can be devastating. That is why every 18-wheeler is required to have a GPS as well as a black box. Th GPS device can help to determine the location of the truck at any given point in time. The device also tracks and records the speed with which the vehicle is moving. The black box on the other hand, is a device that is triggered to start recording when an unusual behavior is recorded. For instance, if the driver of the 18-wheeler slams on the brake pedal fast, the black box will start recording. Any changes in speed, gear changes and sudden acceleration are all recording together with time stamps. This makes it easier for investigators to reconstruct an accident and identify what caused the accident as well as who was at fault. This makes insurance settlements easier and faster.

Hiring an 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Ideally, you should hire the most reputable accident lawyer who has handled many cases involving 18-wheeler accidents. The lawyer should charge a competitive rate and have an impressive track record of winning cases. Since it is easy to determine who was at fault, you can be assured of quick conclusion of your case. Be sure to check the amount of experience an attorney has before hiring them. In many cases, these attorneys work on a contingency basis, so you will only pay them after winning the case.